Big Losers


Matt goes to work everyday to find himself taunted by fellow employees and to make matters worse, he finds his gold-digging girlfriend cheating on him. In need of a fresh start, Matt leaves Atlanta behind and returns to his roots in Scarsdale, New York. Matt soon links up with his eccentric childhood friends and notices that the old town is now shot to hell. Matt and his gang take on an array of perplexing ordeals to redeem the town along with his grandfather’s cheese shop. Will Matt and the boys gain the town back like real Ivy leaguers or will they live up to being “The Losers”?

  • DIRECTOR: Dwayne Boyd
  • WRITERS: Curtis Kaufman Devon O’Reagan Joseph Otway Nadia Zebib
  • CAST: Rob Gleeson, Dane Davenport, David Carzell
  • LANGUAGE: English, USA
  • RELEASE DATE: 2014